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Bill Wilson Center's System of Care for Human Trafficked Minors

Bill Wilson Center Crisis Residential Program is the drop off location for Law Enforcement to bring youth victims of trafficking, Commercially Sexually Exploited Minors (CSEMs) if they are not wards of the Court under the Department Family & Children Services or the Juvenile Probation Department.

BWC is set up to accept a youth victim in a beautiful, home like environment for assessment and crisis intervention services.  This program is equipped with new clothes, hygiene products and pajamas and the support of a CSEM trained one to one Residential Counselor to support and engage with the youth.  The first phase of case management is Crisis Intervention.  This phase covers the first 24 hours following the CSEMs identification. During this period, Bill Wilson Center Residential Counselor and law enforcement work together to ensure the CSEMs immediate needs are met.  Immediate needs include, safety, food, medical attention and emergency shelter.  Bill Wilson Center staff offers the youth the option to have a Sexual Assault Advocate through Community Solutions or YWCA. If the youth agrees, the advocate arrives within an hour to support the youth. The Sexual Assault Advocate will discuss any safety concerns and develop safety plans as indicated. They will also provide youth with viable resources and ensure that necessary consent forms are signed.

The second phase is the Stabilization Phase.  During this time frame, Bill Wilson Center staff will work with youth, DFCS and/or parent/guardian towards establishing safe housing and other supportive services. The stabilization phase begins 24 hours after the youth is brought into Kathy's Place and can last for 21 days.  During this time, a Bill Wilson Center Case Manager will complete a CANS (child, adolescent needs and services) assessment, coordinate individual therapy, connect to substance abuse treatment if necessary and coordinate placement with parent/guardian/Social Worker.  The Sexual Assault Advocate will complete a written safety plan, provide counseling from a certified Sexual Assault advocate, provide legal advocacy and court accompaniment, identify and provide resources and provide linkages to out of county resources.

The last phase is Long Term Support/Follow-up Phase.  This phase begins 21 days after initial contact and can last up to 90 days.  During this time frame, Bill Wilson Center Case Manager will follow up with youth in their placement or follow up with youth's caretaker if the youth has run away. The youth can continue with counseling services such as individual, family or groups. The Sexual Assault Advocate will continue with legal advocacy, counseling, advocacy on youth's behalf and providing resources and referrals.