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Healing Heart

"There are no bad feelings, no wrong ways to feel when someone you love dies."
Healing Hearts

BWC's Healing Heart Program serves youth ages 5-17 as well as their parents or caregivers. Each group runs for nine weeks. Members can join on the first or second week of a series (see dates listed below). Once you join a group you will be attending weekly for 8 to 9 weeks with the same group members each week.

To receive services: contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 850-6145.

The Healing Heart Program is a special grief program that is designed to be a resource where families and youth can connect in life-altering times of grief and loss. Healing Hearts offers grief groups for youth ages 5-17, as well as parent/caretaker groups to assist adults supporting children through the grieving process. Children seen by Healing Heart volunteers are encouraged to express the full range of their feelings - mad, sad, scared, worried, confused and guilty - in a safe environment.

Healing Heart Peer Groups
• Parent/Caregiver Adult Group  (19 and up)
• Teens (13-18 years)
• Middles (8-12 years)
• Littles (4-7 years)

We also offer school based Healing Heart groups.

Healing Heart is partially funded by Valle Monte League